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We, The Imprints Conferences, a team of dedicated professionals driven by a goal to create a networking platform to bridge the gap between academics and industry and provide high-quality meetings that encourage networking and scientific exchange.

We believe that diversity drives innovation, excellence and new discoveries.  At Imprints Conferences people from various parts of the world come together and discuss topics, ranging from life sciences, health sciences, physical sciences and engineering to keep up to date with latest developments to stimulate research and improve quality of life and for the advancement of the human civilization.

Our core values are promoting technical excellence, being visionary and dynamic event planner, being interdisciplinary and inclusive.

We invite you to get involved and join us in our journey to shape the future of scientific community.

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Our Mission

To be an organization of professionals that promotes innovation, preserves, expands and disseminates interdisciplinary research and technology to improve the quality of life.

Our Vision

To build dynamic, interactive, inclusive and high-quality meetings that encourages networking and scientific exchange.